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While working with Qleano as a partner you will get more customers in a simple and risk free manner. You don’t need to pay for potential customers or “leads” but instead you get ready bookings that you can choose to say yes or no to. This means that you avoid spending money and not getting anything in return. When partnering with Qleano it further means you save time. We will handle quotes to customers, customer support, invoicing, potential customer complaints and RUT deductions. We do this so that you can focus on carrying out the actual cleaning/move in the best way possible. 

Questions and answers 

  • What does a partnership with Qleano entail?

    We will send you ready bookings that you choose to say yes or no to. If you choose to say yes, you will receive a confirmation with information on how to handle the keys, the address, pris, time and date. You will then proceed to execute the work at a set date and time. Once a month you will receive a summary of all the work carried out the previous month and this will allow you to invoice us accordingly.

  • How many bookings can we offer per month?

    How many bookings we can offer in a month depends on what city you are operating in, as well as if it’s high or low season. In 2021 we delivered over 10 000 bookings nationwide.

  • Who pays for the materials and the travel expense?

    We will reimburse you for both materials and travel expenses incurred during the bookings received from us.

  • What will we get reimbursed for the work?

    All our partners have a set price per square meter that varies depending on what region they operate in. If you wish to know what price we offer in your region you can reach out to us for more information.

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Qleano is a remarkable company who executes their work with high quality, excellent customer service, quick answers to inquiries, punctuality and keeping their promises. They are attentive to the customers wishes which is one of many reasons as to why we appreciate them. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the mutual trust and understanding between our companies. We are simply thankful for the professional and competent staff in the company. Qleano is a promising and reliable partner whom we are happy to develop our collaboration with.